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Electric-Bear Productions Ltd (EBP) is a growing hub for music creators to develop, practice & further their music professionally within the industry.  Founded in 2012, we focus on the development of music within the UK through our accessible, efficient & effective services tailor made for your career.

Rehearsal Space

Rehearse in our sound proof facility at a time convenient to you using our 24/7 online booking system

Audio Recording

Work with our experienced record producers in our recording studio to create a track or project you're proud to promote

Video Production

We offer all-in-one packages designed to capture, professionalise & distribute your sound for the world to see


Videography Intern Vacancy

Videography Intern Vacancy

Videography Intern Vacancy Wanted To Join Creative Office. At Electric-Bear, we’re always looking to find, work with and develop naturally…

5 Things A Producer Needs

5 Things A Producer Needs

5 things a producer needs, being a music producer is really cool, right? Some say yes, some say no. But…

How To Grow Your Music Career?

How To Grow Your Music Career?

Ever asked the question, what steps do I need to take learn how to grow your music career?  We hear…

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Electric-Bear Productions is designed around professionalising & guiding your talent towards a career within the music industry.  Use our pre-defined packages to professionalise your music, work with our experienced team & learn how to build your music

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