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Electric-Bear Productions Ltd. is a young and energetic company centred around providing professional services, spaces and opportunities for music creators to develop, practice & further their work.

Since we were founded in 2012, we have played host to thousands of clients including artists and bands from around the UK, USA, Europe & Asia along with established names such as Sony, Black Card Music, Peer Music and The BBC.
We are focused on enabling every musician, performer, engineer and writer to reach the top of their game.

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We create, develop & nurture music brands, producers & start-ups that look for support within this competitive industry.


FREE tips & tricks in the music industry, dry hire opportunities & other helpful pieces of information

from homegrown to global.

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Electric-Bear Productions is designed around professionalising & guiding your talent towards a career within the music industry.  Use our pre-defined packages to professionalise your music, work with our experienced team & learn how to build your music

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